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Giving Advice On The Telephone

I Never Said That! - Did I?  How often have you overheard a conversation and thought "he’s saying one thing and she thinks he means something else". This of course is equally true of business discussions with clients – particularly over the ‘phone. You know that what you’re saying is very clear – after all it’s second nature to you. But you can’t see the vacant look in his eyes when you’re emphasising an important point.

Making file notes when giving advice over the ‘phone confirms at least in your mind the advice you’ve given. Particularly if followed up by letter. But how sure are you that you always cover every aspect of the conversation? This is where new technology can help.

How much better it would be if the conversation was recorded – automatically. And it was stored in the client’s file in a form convenient to all concerned. Now you can – using Voice Memory.

  • Voice Recording

This new product records your telephone conversation and stores the recording on your PC or Server hard drive. It can be allocated against any client, prospect or contact in your database just like a word processed or scanned document. Then it can be listened to by any user with access to your database on your network – unless you choose to make it private of course.

When you click on the "View Documents" icon you’ll see the entry for a telephone conversation just like you do a Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, Scanned document or Email. Simply click on it and it will play back the conversation. You can even email it as an attachment or "send it" to another local user.

Think of the impact on a client if you email a recording of the conversation he had with you a few minutes ago. It can be listened to at any time and there’ll never be any misunderstandings. And as it’s stored as an industry standard "MP3" file your client does not need the Voice Memory device to hear it.


  • How Does It Work?

Your telephone handset cable is connected to a small box that links to your PC and handset. It’ll take you no more than 5 minutes to set up including installing the software module on your PC. You only need one Voice Memory module per PC that will be used to record conversations. Once recorded any network user can listen to it – they don’t need a Voice Memory module.


  • So What's The Cost?

It’s only £199 For The Unit & Software
To Order The Voice Memory Module Purchase

Of course you do also need a database to enable easy access to the recording. You may already have one but if not Voice Memory integrates with Rapport – the market leading "Paperless Office" database from Practice Net.

This enables you to make notes on the client’s electronic file to summarise the conversation. Then if you also hold all outgoing & incoming correspondence in the same file you’ll really benefit from this new technology.

To get the full picture you need a database to hold everything related to the client …

  • Outgoing correspondence, typically Word documents & Excel spreadsheets

  • Incoming documents – scanned as they’re received

  • Email – so you have a copy of every incoming & outgoing email

  • Recorded telephone conversations

  • Internal memos & file notes

Then you can make the new technology work for you and your clients. And reduce your costs by increased efficiency whilst minimising your risk through effective risk management procedures.