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The Internet has made available a wealth of information to you on every topic imaginable except one. And one that’s vitally important to you …

  •   Your own Business!

We’ve been searching for an answer to this for some time. If you’re away from the office and have your own PC with you then there are several possible solutions you could use. But what if you don’t - no product could cater for every situation until now.

Now with this new service you can access your office computer from anywhere in the world – all you need is Internet access.

You could be in an Internet café, a client’s office, at an airport, a hotel lounge … or simply at home.

All you do is log on to the Practice Net web site, log in, (user id & password), and you’ve got immediate & secure access to your office network.

  •   On Line Support

The same product also enables Practice Net to access your network too – with your permission of course – to resolve any issues you may have. One of our engineers would simply log on & diagnose the problem and usually fix it there and then. Saving time & with little or no involvement on the part of you or your staff.

  •   So what’s the cost? It’s £100 per annum for remote access

And if you’re already a member of our Customer Support Scheme there’s no additional charge for On-line support. If you’re not then let us know your support needs and we’ll tell you the cost tailored to your requirements.

Start benefiting immediately by calling +44(0)29 2083 7426 now


Emailat only £100 plus VAT per year you shouldn’t need to think twice.