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To see pricing of Rapport Diary or to purchase click below

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To see pricing of Rapport Diary or to purchase click below

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To see pricing of Rapport Diary or to purchase click below

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To see pricing of Rapport Diary or to purchase click below

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The Result of Five Years Development Revealed


“Marketing Results Transformed!”


You’re about to discover how having an extra weapon in your technology arsenal (that’s easy to use) can transform your marketing results and get you more customers than you can currently handle



Your business is unique – and that was our challenge …


How could we design a product just for you, that could increase your profits substantially and at a fraction of the cost you expect?


Well, it wasn’t easy and it’s taken a long time – over five years. But if it fits your business to a tee it will be well worth the time and effort. And the good news is that it’s our time & effort and not yours!


Just think how many   products you’ve looked at that expect you to change your business procedures to suit them. And what have you discovered - They don’t work! You need a product that is flexible so it can adapt to your way of working.


How many “boxed” products have you seen that start by trying to put you in a box – and a rigid one at that! When what you need is a product that fits itself to the shape of your business.


 You’ve got an amazing amount of information about your customers and probably your prospects too that’s priceless. But can you find this information when you need it - right away?


This information may include …


  • Detailed contact information such as name & address, tel. no., mobile no., email address and much more

  • Buying history – all the details from your marketing activities

  • Customer buying patterns

But do you know …


  • How each customer was acquired?

  • Their cost of acquisition

  • Their Life Time Value

  • Which marketing activities are profitable and which aren’t?

  • Which months are the best to advertise your products?

  • Should you increase your prices and which price will give you the most profit?


You may have just discovered Direct Response Marketing but don’t understand how to track responses. Or the need to test everything you do and keep on testing.


If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions - it’s time to act now - it’s costing you money and you may not even know it!


The right System will provide these answers and many more too - it will also prompt some questions – but it needs to be right for you.


So what is it? - It’s a Customer & Prospect Database designed for Direct Response Marketers overflowing with benefits you can tap into … immediately.


Just think of the effect on your business if you increased the number of new clients you got last year by 2, 3 or 5 times or more this year. Or what about increasing the level of business from your existing customers by the same margin … Yes, it’s achievable if you’ve got the right product or service with the right methods and a System that’s proven to work.


You may already have more business than you can handle and are considering taking on an assistant. And this may be right for you. But take the time to check this out first – this product is proven to save time by making you more efficient in your marketing & follow up processes.


And if it does avoid the need to recruit just think how much this will save you & without the hassle.


So how do I know its right for you and what’s the secret?


Well before I answer that, let’s look ahead a few years. Probably your business will be very different to what it is now. You may be offering different products & services, employing more people, operating out of new premises …


Whatever changes there are it’s likely that many of your customers will still be with you and the information you hold will be as relevant then as it is now. So it’s vital that whatever product you choose will be as good a fit in years to come as at the outset.


Your database needs to have the capacity to grow with you. Not just in the disk space to accommodate your future customers but also all your staff that need access simultaneously. And think of all the information you’ll be holding in a few years time and how you can use it profitably.


Enough about the future – your needs are now!


Imagine the effect on your profitability if you could extract a list of customers likely to be interested in a new product or service and do a mail merge immediately. Then track the responses customer by customer. Be selective in your follow up mailer and track the response of that too.


You’ll see in a flash what works and what doesn’t.


What’s profitable and what isn’t. And which customers are likely to respond to similar products and services.


So you can keep doing what works for you … And stop doing what doesn’t


You know your product’s better than your competitors and your service is fantastic so why aren’t customers beating a path to your door by email, in an envelope or by telephone?  Maybe because they don’t know you’re the best. Or aren’t aware of all the products you offer - and this is where a Database designed for Direct Response Marketing can really help you.


One thing - it won’t write your mailers nor design your ads. It will though reveal those customers most likely to respond. And it’ll make it easy for you to capture details of prospects and build up a responsive and targeted list.


So let’s assume you’ve created your database – this will be incredibly easy if you already have information in a Spreadsheet, in your Accounts package or in a bought in list. So …


  • You create your mailer

  • You produce a “list” of targeted customers or prospects that are most likely to be interested in your offer

  • You do a mail merge and include whatever customer information you decide

  • You save your list so it’s available for follow up mailers

  • When you get a sale or enquiry you immediately update your database and take action

  • A week or two or three later you remind those on your mailed list who haven’t responded about your great offer. It makes a Multi-step marketing campaign really easy.

  • And just in case you might forget you make a diary entry and get an automatic reminder a day or two in advance.


If you’re not getting the sales your products & services deserve then you need a database designed specifically for direct response marketing. Not just that – it’s designed to suit your business.


Before choosing your database software you need to check its suitability …


  • Does it impose limitations on you?

  • Will you have to change your business procedures to use it?

  • Can you import your existing data?

  • Can you specify the information you need to hold for each customer without practical limit?

  • Will it analyse your sales and track your enquiries?

  • Will it mail merge efficiently?

  • Will it cater for a multi-step marketing campaign?

  • Can it produce the reports you need and when you need them?

  • Does it include a diary & reminder system that everyone can use?

  • Can you make notes against client records for future reference?

  • Will it hold all your correspondence for each client and prospect?

  • Can you design your own document templates – easily?

  • Will it control your email?

  • Can it record a telephone conversation – and store it in the client’s file?

  • Is it an Open System with integration to Microsoft products?

  • What’s it going to cost me?

  • Can I get support when I need it?


… And any thing else that is needed for your business.


So how do I know this Database will fit your business like a glove?


There are many reasons why …


Firstly, our track record of over 20 years in designing database systems. The result is Rapport and it’s in use by hundreds of businesses. The current version includes a myriad of features, many suggested by our customers, which result in tangible benefits to their businesses.


Our experience showed that no two businesses are identical. So we won’t try and fit you into a box and that’s what many boxed products do - the result of course is more like a straightjacket than a perfect fit!


So with Rapport you decide the information you hold on each client. This can be thousands of different items if your business needs it – you decide. What’s more whatever you enter can be viewed, searched for, reported on and included in a mail merge - you’re not limited to what the software designer decided you could do.


How many different products and services do you sell? You’ll certainly want to analyse your sales by product/service and without limitation on the number. Not as we decide either but in a format that you choose – you can even integrate with Microsoft Excel. And to make things easy you can use the Rapport Sales Analysis module. As it’s in Excel format you can change it to suit your needs..


 Printing a targeted mailer is made easy in several ways …


  • You specify your precise criteria for your mailer – only those customer/prospects that match your criteria are selected.

  • You can save the extracted list for a follow up mailer or telesales.

  • You can update your database showing those customers you’ve mailed – typically with a date or mailer reference.

  • You can design your mailer template or copy and amend an existing one.

  • You can choose to retain a copy of your mailer within the Document Management System – yes Rapport can be your first step towards the paperless office too!
    And you’ll be amazed at how quick all this will be.

 Processing your orders & enquiries is very straightforward …

  •  You can design your own input form for data entry at speed. This typically includes:

    •   Customer ref.

    •    Product code

    •    Marketing ref.

    •    Enquiry method

    •    Date of purchase/enquiry

    •    Quantity

    •    Purchase price


  • Fulfilment cost - Your sales analysis is an automatic by product – no extra work!

o       So you’ll know the profit/loss on sale calculated on the cost of your advert
         or mailer according to the number and value of your sales.

o       Benefit from knowing the acquisition cost of a customer.

o       Get a calculation of customer life time value – essential if you have a
         profitable back end business and need to know how much you can
         realistically afford to spend on each marketing activity.

  • You can create templates for your fulfilment letter & invoice and mail merge your new customer’s details.


And with Rapport you get an electronic filing cabinet for all your documents too - So you can really get your marketing into top gear.


The Freedom From Paper Office


Look at all the paper on your desk. In filing cabinets or waiting to be filed. Post it notes everywhere, telephone messages and unanswered email. How much better for you if this paper was filed electronically so you simply had less of it around the place. So you can Get Rid Of The Clutter.


It’s not only possible – it’s really easy …


Most databases simply contain structured data – that’s information like names & addresses, contact names, sales details and so on. The Rapport database does this too. Vitally - it can also contain unstructured data. Such as your customer correspondence – yes you can scan incoming mail too with the scanning module - , notes and reminders and email. You can even store recorded telephone conversations.


So everything to do with a client or prospect can be viewed on screen – no need to go searching in filing cabinets or keep your client waiting on the phone whilst you’re looking for a copy letter.


 Just think of the time you’ll save … Every single day. And if you’ve given your employees access to the database they’ll save time too. So you get …


A Double Benefit


Increased profits by using a database designed to help you with your direct response marketing. Reduced costs by increasing efficiency throughout your business.


Being in control means you’ve time to be proactive and don’t get caught on the hop. So you’ll find the Rapport office diary suits your style of working. Unlike most electronic diaries it’s both people and customer related. Now you can see scheduled appointments, notes & reminders alongside other client information. Or you can look at the diary on screen and see who’s free and who’s out.


The Diary module is worth the price of the software by itself and you get it for free.


Your Rapport database will become the focal point for your business – its built-in flexibility means you’ll discover a host of additional benefits. For instance, if you have a procedure for controlling your jobs or assignments you could implement this within your database. You can even see the progress on a client job on screen.


On-going Investment


Our on-going investment in Rapport means that your investment is protected too. Edition 5 of Rapport contains a wealth of additional benefits to existing users - many suggested by them for inclusion. You can benefit too by subscribing to our annual support service.


This provides on-line telephone support, by email and fax too for advice and assistance in resolving a problem or query. And you get free software updates – at least one per year.


You can send examples of queries – we’ll then contact you with the solution.


Compare our approach with that from suppliers of “boxed products” and check it out – you get 30 days free support when you purchase Rapport.


Please be aware though that Rapport’s document management solution may not suit you if your documents are not mainly client related. It’s a customer centric product that’s why you can find information so quickly.


Just one other thing – it’s important …


You can start by importing your existing names and addresses and probably other client details too from a range of products including:


  • Excel Spreadsheets – most applications include the facility to export your data to Excel

  • Contact management systems

  • Accounting packages

  • Any “CSV” file


So you can start saving time and money immediately ……


  •   Special Price


Rapport is available to you now at a special price – from only £247, provided you purchase whilst this offer is posted on our Web site. It really is a special price – compare it to other products costing up to ten times more and offering fewer benefits too than Rapport. So check out the prices on the Request Form and take action now.


  •   Money-back Guarantee

Not just a cost saving - you also get a cast-iron guarantee. If after trying Rapport you are not convinced it can save you time and money then simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund – under our 100% money back guarantee.

Compare our way of doing business with other suppliers or retailers of “boxed products”. We genuinely want only satisfied customers. After all the best source of business is referrals from existing customers and we do get a lot.

 That’s how confident I am that you’ll see the benefits Rapport brings.


  •   But you must respond now

I am offering you free support for 30 days and the Support team are geared up ready to help you get up and running with this breakthrough database. For this reason we are limiting this special offer – so please respond today. Remember with our 30 day money-back guarantee you cannot lose and you will gain a lot!


Still not convinced you can profit?

Then request a copy of our Free Report - Direct Response Marketing.


Free Report


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Disclaimer: To claim that you can benefit from any particular monetary amount from any business opportunity is against the law, so I wish to make it clear to you that your success is not guaranteed. I can only promise to provide you the Rapport package with a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee - if you are unsatisfied for any reason and return the product to me within 30 days I will refund your payment in full.