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The past two to three years has seen an explosion in the implementation of scanning systems in the UK. Partly fuelled by the availability of low cost scanners and scanning software.


Prior to this most systems for scanning documents were specialised "stand-alone" systems costing thousands of pounds. Such systems often stored scanned documents in proprietary formats thus tying you in to the supplier. Also, because they were stand-alone and not integrated with your Customer Database there were no add-on benefits.


If all you’re seeking is to convert your paper archives into electronic form to save on document storage then fair enough. How much better though if you also gained additional benefits at no extra cost. Such systems would then pay for themselves & even generate extra profit.

Before choosing your system, think about your objectives and the anticipated benefits.


These could include …

  • Reduced storage costs – simply by scanning incoming documents and either shredding the originals or returning them to the sender. Those originals that you do need to retain being very much the exception.

  • Reduction in paper costs & staff time – no need for photocopies for multiple readers. They simply look at the screen image.

  • Improved productivity – with information at their finger tips fee earners don’t waste time looking for files. It’s amazing the difference the absence of clutter makes.

  • Reduced telephone costs – when a client telephones you can take the call knowing all information is available to you at the click of your mouse. How often now do you need to call back when you’ve found her file?

  • Improved Level of Service – the hidden route to profitability. Simply providing a more efficient service leads to more business from existing customers & referrals leading to new customers.

To achieve these benefits you need a Document Management System integrated with your Customer & Prospect Database.


 on "How To Profit From The Paperless Office"


Your Database needs to include …

  • Outgoing Correspondence – Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, …

  • Incoming Correspondence – Scanned documents in TIF, PDF, MDI formats

  • Incoming & Outgoing Email with Attachments – So the potential loose cannon in your office is secure

  • Application Generated Documents – automatically captured as PDF

  • Notes, Memos & Reminders – Electronic versions of Post-it notes, diary entries …

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Before buying a scanner make sure it’s compatible with your Document Management System. Things to consider are …

  • The Cost – Prices range from £50 to ££££’s

  • Multi-feed or Single Feed – With a sheet feeder you can scan a 7 page document in one operation.

  • Do you need a Flat Bed Scanner – typically for scanning thick, torn or odd shaped documents that are unsuitable for a sheet feeder. Some scanners have both flat bed and sheet feed. Typically they’re more expensive so if space is not a premium then it’s cheaper to buy a low cost single feed flat bed scanner and a multi-feed scanner without flat bed.

There are other things to consider too. The amount of disk storage varies according to the type of scanner & image format. Do you need to scan in colour?


A TIF or PDF Scanner? Do you need more than one? Do you need a Network Scanner for use by anyone or one linked to a PC?

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